To make this lightbar-room completely in style, I wanted to do something to the floor, paint it up in one of the three standard emergency colorschemes

Police are white with stripes, fire engines are red with stripes and ambulances are yellow with stripes. White will get dirty, red is too dark, so I set my mind on making the floor in ambulance-yellow with the red and blue stripes. Go all the way down below for the link to the next page!!!

The drawing plan like this

So first I bought wood and made it fit the room,

Thereafter using wood-glue and sawdust mixed together, fill up the holes between the large boards

 Then to make sure the yellow paint gets a better grip on this untreated wood I painted all plates with a primer.

Now the time has come to start with the yellow, the original color-code as used on ambulances RAL1016 was mixed at the paint-GIANT and here we go

after this piece my knees were killing me, so the next part I used a cussion for under my kneecaps ;)

And here we are, almost done now, less then 1/3rd left to go. the Highgloss finish I ordered seems to look really good!

And here is the final result, all in yellow! Tomorrow the second layer for the final touch

Click this link for the pictures of the painting of the stripes