Small impression of the lightbar collection room with all the walls now covered with lights. click BELOW on the link to check the floor!

Most of the lights still have to be disassembled (and some repaired) and cleaned up, but some of them only need a damp cloth as they were already polished a while back.

After all bars are fit to be shown, the electrical hookup will start, and all bars will be fully funcional.

Not shown are the huge pile of lightbar parts and lenses that will be used to fill up quite some empty frames or reconfigure bars in an other way.

Aerodynic24SHSP-17 no lenses, Twinsonic 12R, Aerodynic24X, Optimax, Intensity XS8000, Centurion Dutch police, Edge9000 (very first type Edge with V-strobes), Advantedge rotator, Dutch police, VISTA Dutch police, Vista, Vista 4 sections

Aerodynic 24SHSP-17 no lenses, 2 Edge frames, VAMA7000 first series, Edge (will come fully loaded on my car), MAXIM90 no lenses, Aero24SHSP-17 MP version, Jetsonic, Twinsonic12SX, Aerodynic24SHSP-17 complete, VAMA7000 police, VAMA7000 roadworks

Whelen Traffic Advisor, MAXIM90 Railroad police, MAXIM90 police, Yankee Diets, Hello OWS1, MAXIM90 strobe fire, MAXIM90 police, VAMA7000 police, Edge9000 police, Edge9000 police, MAXIM90 rotator/strobe, Aerodynic 24SEAH

Twinsonic 12X, MAXIM90 rotators/strobe roadworks textsign, Jetstream, Streethawk, MX7000, Firehawk, XL5000 rotator/strobe, Aerodynic24X, Aerodynic frame to be cut to NYPD length with lenses and insides

Slickstick and VP100 above, Edge9000 police complete unit, VAMA7000 police, Aerodynic24EAH Visibeam, Magnabeam, Firebeam FB3 and Whelen Responder rotator/strobe, Aerodynic24X Visibeam and Twinsonic12SX

Aerodynic 22 gears, Aerodynic 22 independant rotators and V-mirrors, Whelen Responder2

Code3 Arrowstick, Whelen8000 strobe, Aero frame 2 indep. rotators, Aero frame 4 indep rotators, Aerodynic24 MEAH, Advantedge military police, Edge9000 (rebuild project), Edge9000 ambulance, MAXIM90 Pet ambulance (needs amber lenses), Aerodynic25 (4 rotators and mirrors), Signalmaster to go with the parted SmartVector in front of the "Roscoe" Aerodynic 24EH down below, where my craze for lights started with ;)

click here to view what I did to the floor